Dog Rescued From Tar Pit

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Malomati TV
Malomati TV 2 mánuðum síðan
I’m glad your feeling well enough to make the video!
Lamar Davis
Lamar Davis Degi Síðan síðan
Emilio Masinton
Emilio Masinton 7 dögum síðan
@idk a name for this shut up
idk a name for this
idk a name for this 8 dögum síðan
Keith Wilson
Keith Wilson 21 degi síðan síðan
Why is that surprising? Only about 0.01% of the population is affected by COVID.
- Mxilky -
- Mxilky - 23 dögum síðan
I’m Happy He’s Ok Again!
kuma bear
kuma bear 2 klukkustundum síðan
0:36 The dude: ayoh dont get hit by this The other dude: uses butt The painting or glass idk: ooh fat ass shi- *died*
Sander de Wijs
Sander de Wijs 3 klukkustundum síðan
anybody know the name of the airport 'hood'?
NICOWINFOREVER 7 klukkustundum síðan
The dog when he was about to die Dog: cool
LilWeez21 8 klukkustundum síðan
The dog in tar was pretty funny ngl
Ice cream blue
Ice cream blue 9 klukkustundum síðan
Everybody gangsta until their plane got stolen
Cyklo YT
Cyklo YT 12 klukkustundum síðan
Why do they have planes to go to the airport when they can just use their planes to go somewhere on holidays
DEFCON ZERO 18 klukkustundum síðan
0:31 link to video please?
Mobile Doge
Mobile Doge 20 klukkustundum síðan
Dog to see that dog well :)
Mark Rios
Mark Rios Degi Síðan síðan
I feel bad for that poor dog...
BeefyIsHere-Brawl Stars
BeefyIsHere-Brawl Stars Degi Síðan síðan
Flying your plane to an airport. Every 60 seconds is a minute in Africa.
Baby Deer608
Baby Deer608 Degi Síðan síðan
Happy dogo :)
Baz828 Degi Síðan síðan
Wow! 0:49 were in Canada is that?
FishSticks Degi Síðan síðan
Dog: *casually kicks door open*
chip Degi Síðan síðan
1:17, this person is a discord mod irl!
N J Degi Síðan síðan
That dog got saved just to get eaten😟
Stef Chasseloup
Stef Chasseloup Degi Síðan síðan
Report as abuse this fucking chanel... all faked “rescues”... just animal abuses to get some bucks, bad peoples here
THICC god 2 dögum síðan
That dog almost ended up like mamoths
JacketBoy Animations
JacketBoy Animations 2 dögum síðan
Me when im trying to think 3:15
Thato Mothothi
Thato Mothothi 3 dögum síðan
I like the background sound in the California airport video. Sounds like lofi chill beats.
Super Gamer Smash
Super Gamer Smash 3 dögum síðan
Poor doggo. He kinda looks like a venom doge
KonGaBa lml
KonGaBa lml 3 dögum síðan
Oh wait that dog was from thailand!
artsyguy209 3 dögum síðan
Hope you enjoyed video have a good day. Letter
Kirah Gamble
Kirah Gamble 3 dögum síðan
Now I want to learn how to play the piano
Fernando Rodriguez
Fernando Rodriguez 3 dögum síðan
everyone gangsta till the trucks come in
SirSpaceCow 3 dögum síðan
This dog looks way too happy to be drenched in tar
Neiznany *
Neiznany * 3 dögum síðan
3:14 are the cars burning down this house
Aiden 3 dögum síðan
I’m more interested in the bikes than the planes
You Break I Fix
You Break I Fix 4 dögum síðan
You tubers be stealing money these days
THE MARKINATOR 4 dögum síðan
0:05 that dog was like “hey fren how are you doing? I need some help, I still happ tho”
Kaedden Sherry
Kaedden Sherry 4 dögum síðan
That streamer just randomly named my garage code. Wasn’t expecting that at all wtf.
Falcon_Playz 4 dögum síðan
Dog be like 👁️ 👁️ 👅
Maximilian Mitchell
Maximilian Mitchell 4 dögum síðan
my great grandpa live in that plane neighbor hood
Mall 4 dögum síðan
That dog is so happy despite being stuck
Ayden D'Cruz
Ayden D'Cruz 4 dögum síðan
bruh forget about the planes can i have that guys bike
8d00e9 4 dögum síðan
The dog was looking like the rat that had got trapped in my glue pad that my dad had put in the kitchen
Chill Egg
Chill Egg 4 dögum síðan
1:34 this when I laugh so hard and I kick my monitor xD But it did not break Another cool one here is it 2:36 It change colours
Lorenzo Zimmermann
Lorenzo Zimmermann 5 dögum síðan
Welcome to the next generation 0:59
Salvador Martinez-Rose
Salvador Martinez-Rose 5 dögum síðan
ammaria hamel
ammaria hamel 5 dögum síðan
0:36 Her: He's probably cheating on me Him and the boys
ammaria hamel
ammaria hamel 5 dögum síðan
0:33 machine guns in games be like
John O'neill
John O'neill 5 dögum síðan
I love how you edit your videos! Peacefully watching planes roll down the road then suddenly zooming in on a small dog tripping on acid! 🤣
randy'sDonuts 5 dögum síðan
All these comments about the animal save video is fake. It's f*cking true and I have one question: WHY !!?? They don't get money for this and those poor animal's get so abused it's terrifying and we can't do anything that makes me cry
Grow 5 dögum síðan
It's a bit of a flying neighbour-hood
Don't question my hardware
Don't question my hardware 6 dögum síðan
Who else thought the thumbnail was a fox with their head and tail chopped off?
Mike Coker
Mike Coker 6 dögum síðan
*People save dog* Faith in humanity restored
KCBkotastrophie -
KCBkotastrophie - 6 dögum síðan
Dog looks as happy as can be chilling in that tar
Jesse Link 4 doesn't drink Coke
Jesse Link 4 doesn't drink Coke 6 dögum síðan
Where is the dog?
VrKaq 6 dögum síðan
wow the cat at the end was very hot-
Rainier Bernales
Rainier Bernales 7 dögum síðan
0:37 iron buns
MTF Nine tailed Fox
MTF Nine tailed Fox 7 dögum síðan
I’ll personally go to the guy who "fake saved the dog" and peel his skin off with a potato peeler
Leggo Kid
Leggo Kid 7 dögum síðan
Poor doggo was just curious
PaperFoxcraft 27
PaperFoxcraft 27 7 dögum síðan
0:05 he looks happy but i dont feel like he is actually happy and is just pretending everythings fine also i feel bad for him
ANYA VIRUS 7 dögum síðan
Stoopid dog
Scott’s Property Services
Scott’s Property Services 7 dögum síðan
This person took 720 rubix cubes & made my logo. He spent 4 hours & 37minutes out of his life & I won’t show the finished product. Anyway that’s the end of this video I’ll see you guys again soon. Later
leiong leang
leiong leang 7 dögum síðan
that dog if not rescued he will become fossilised and will be discovered after 50 million years
Peter Strand
Peter Strand 7 dögum síðan
Ad: "Now look deeply into this koala's eyes and say--" SKIP "Hello everyone, this is your daily dose of internet XD
LordLimburger 7 dögum síðan
Poor dog. What kind of corrupt organization would REPEATEDLY put the same animal in pain, and record their “rescue” for money? Somebody rescue that dog the right way.
The Real Harri H
The Real Harri H 7 dögum síðan
Ye the planes are cool but wat the hell is that bike I want it
moon beer
moon beer 7 dögum síðan
I just realised you have 11 millions subscriberd
TheGamingBerry 8 dögum síðan
I thought it was falling from the sky
Woody 8 dögum síðan
It's disgusting that your promoting the savage animal abuse video where people threw the dog in tar. The vet (Clinica) has proof the dog was purposely thrown into tar, it did not " walk into the tar by itslef" dogs are not as stupid as people!. You must stop sharing animal abuse videos, the dog was suffering! Take it down.
Eris 8 dögum síðan
Everyone is saying the dog rescue video is faked, and while normally I’d agree, in most of those fake rescues the animal is directly rescued by humans hands on. That video involved some kind of equipment to pull the dog out, and since the fake rescue videos are usually just cheaply made cash grabs, I don’t think they would rent equipment for it.
kool Guyy_
kool Guyy_ 8 dögum síðan
That plane village is sick
Go Experimental
Go Experimental 8 dögum síðan
Can someone tell me if these types of videos fall under fair use when it comes to copyright, or does he have to get permission to use each clip?
Dash N Dunk
Dash N Dunk 7 dögum síðan
Fair use is 10 percent of the video. I think
Eryk F1
Eryk F1 8 dögum síðan
He buys the rights to the clips
Shud Dup
Shud Dup 8 dögum síðan
Bryan Pérez Beniquez
Bryan Pérez Beniquez 8 dögum síðan
Poot dog 🥺😢
ariana velez
ariana velez 8 dögum síðan
your evil
iangamer 8855
iangamer 8855 8 dögum síðan
TAR PIT!?!?!?!
Caienne Avila
Caienne Avila 8 dögum síðan
Dog : '
Kwader _ كوادر
Kwader _ كوادر 9 dögum síðan
"Nobody gets out of a tar pit" _the croods
Bazilishek_YT 9 dögum síðan
He apso mad your day
Azia Touchsilent
Azia Touchsilent 9 dögum síðan
I hate how people think "imma try to find a stray dog and try to kill that dog without anyone knowing" While the dogs think what their saying is "hey dog i save you" While their actually saying "hey dog i save you and i kill you deal?"
Veemonic 9 dögum síðan
2:37 nobody: Gaming keyboards:
Pablo 9 dögum síðan
Everyone Gangsta till this: 2:58
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 9 dögum síðan
That plane neighborhood is awesome. I want that lifestyle!
Koza 9 dögum síðan
No tak JD szerzy się wszędzie
Mystex 9 dögum síðan
3:16 *This Is Fine.*
lagosnews 10 dögum síðan
the dog looks so chill he’s like “believe it or not this has happened before”
RedDoesVariety 7 dögum síðan
that channel fakes their vids
Doodle Caboodle
Doodle Caboodle 8 dögum síðan
Because it has
Reno Simpson
Reno Simpson 10 dögum síðan
2:50 no, it Ti, its already corrosion resistant . They are changing the voltage in the solution (Pepsi has the chemical in it) to change the color of the Ti
Eras Alams
Eras Alams 10 dögum síðan
I think chinese rescued him... Anyway, on from chefs recomendation: the tardog! Our speciality!
Vinayak Sanil
Vinayak Sanil 10 dögum síðan
looks like venom wants to get over the poor dogs brain
Mng Power
Mng Power 10 dögum síðan
I’m not really comfortable with the plane neighborhood, a child can pop up on the road any time, and it’s a certified death, if the plane is taking off
Nighty-Night 10 dögum síðan
Dogs during crises: ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Robert Baxter
Robert Baxter 10 dögum síðan
Rubik's Cube guy; quarantine much?!? 😋
Calxero 10 dögum síðan
the poor dog
Baconhair Boi
Baconhair Boi 10 dögum síðan
0:06 i feel bad
Calxero 10 dögum síðan
same :(
FL Outdoorsman
FL Outdoorsman 10 dögum síðan
the dog was stuck in a pit of tar and still happy
Calxero 10 dögum síðan
yeah ik
Dark Mice
Dark Mice 11 dögum síðan
Usual animal cruelty showcased by this channel.
Calxero 10 dögum síðan
yeah. we need to make it stop
Guillermo Barroso
Guillermo Barroso 11 dögum síðan
Who cares about the plane street i wanna know where that guy got that low riding bike like why did you syeal squidwards bike lol
Driftwat 11 dögum síðan
dog was really like “HELO HUMAN. I REQUIRE ASSISTANCE”
The End Lucifer
The End Lucifer 11 dögum síðan
Sad doggo
Spotmike Studios
Spotmike Studios 11 dögum síðan
Congratulations to the man who made your logo out of rubrics cubes! 100/100!!
Used Paper Towel
Used Paper Towel 11 dögum síðan
good boy
Firefox_66 11 dögum síðan
"Bye dad am going to Kelly's house and am taking the spitfire" oh hey Mr Adam I see you brought out the p-51 mustang is it your birthday or something
BLM Big Lipped Marxists President Baboon Obonobo
BLM Big Lipped Marxists President Baboon Obonobo 11 dögum síðan
These “animal rescuers” from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, etc... all deliberately plant animals in hazardous conditions to “save” them from those hazardous conditions. It’s all staged for monetary reasons. These deranged sicko scammers masquerade as rescuers. Again, it’s staged for profit. Don’t be fooled.
Louise Helgesson
Louise Helgesson 11 dögum síðan
Dog: this is fine, ~happy face~
Dirk Digler
Dirk Digler 12 dögum síðan
Now we can make . . . a baby dina-saur
Redacted 12 dögum síðan
1:45 top 10 anime fights of all-time.
Emily Chavez
Emily Chavez 12 dögum síðan
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